There's a Better Way to Build.
Who better knows the industry than a successful seasoned Builder. iBUILD was designed by a Builder for Builders, someone who truly understands and appreciates your Pain as well as your Dreams.
There's a Way to Build Smarter.
Know if you're making Money before it's too late! iBUILD's Actual vs Budget Comparison Reporting provides real-time up to the minute Profit Margin Dollars and Percentages breakdown by Job.
There's a Way to Manage Better.
iBUILD helps you manage your projects as well as manage your business. In order to survive and thrive, it’s imperative that companies manage both effectively.

iBUILD Cloud Solutions Suite of Products

Making diversification simple for the housing industry. You learn one system you know them all.
All available in one online package.

You work hard for your money – you deserve iBUILD

Builders don’t just want to buy software, they want someone or something to help them better organize and better manage their business for greater financial success. It’s important to remember, iBUILD was designed by a Builder for Builders.

iBuild - Sales ManagementSales

iBuild - Design TemplatesDesign

iBuild - Estimating SoftwareEstimating

iBuild -PurchasingPurchasing

iBuild - ConstructionConstruction

iBuild - Gantt ChartGantt Chart

iBuild - CalendarCalendar

iBuild Budget Comparison

Builder ModelsBuilder Models

iBuild - Builder Accounting SoftwarePricebook

iBuild - Warranty ProtectionWarranty

iBuild - Builder Document TemplatesDocument Templates

* Unique to iBuild

iBuild - ReportingReports/System Views

* Unique to iBuild

iBuild - ProposalsProposals

iBUILD is a complete, fully integrated, extremely well organized and documented cloud-based residential building software application productivity tool.

iBUILD creates, tracks and reports on all business and financial activities to assist Builders not only to compete, but survive and thrive.

iBUILD is designed to manage numerous projects cost effectively, efficiently, timely and SAFELY.

iBUILD is for any sized Builder or Project Manager building or managing 1 to 2,000 projects per year.

iBUILD’s Unique Benefits

Countless functions you won’t find anywhere else.
Easy to implement, easy to manage, and cost effective.

iBuild - Sales Management Sales

Documents are Automatically Populated with Client Job Details from the Start

  • Automated Guest Dream Home Survey
  • (3) Docs Required by Law
  • (9) Types of Construction Sales Contracts
  • (10) Types of Sales Supplementary Forms

iBuild - Estimating Software Estimating & Purchasing

  • Accepted On-line QR’s Automatically Update the Builders Job Budget
  • PO’s are automatically created and sent out upon a QR being accepted, no need for any manual intervention
  • All Job QR’s & PO’s created are pre-coded with a Work in Progress (WIP) Major & Sub-Group Account Number to facilitate the WIP Account Coding and Reporting in both iBUILD and your integrated accounting system

iBuild - Construction Construction

  • Fully Automated But Updatable & Modifiable Construction Scheduling System
  • On-line Initial Lot Inspection Form
  • On-line Final Lot Inspection Form
  • (9) Types of Construction Letters
  • On-line Referenceable Detailed Trades & Suppliers Scopes of Work
  • Detailed Quality Control Checklists

Builder Models Builder Models

A working Model meaning, the Model is set-up with a thorough and complete budget and all supporting construction documentation. This information is then readily available to populate each new job start–a huge time saver.

iBuild - Builder Accounting Software Pricebook

iBUILD provides the builder with price book options and assemblies in the following major areas that can, with a simple click, instantly populate change orders & PO’s for faster document handling and processing.

iBuild - Builder Document Templates Document Templates

System Documentation when displayed, your company logo, info and/or your letter head will automatically appear in the header area at the top of all documents. Hundreds of documents are instantly personalized to your company image.

… and that’s not all!


Total mobility and consistency across all devices and platforms.

No more restrictions with
traditional desktop software.

iBUILD is 100% Cloud Based Residential Construction Management Software Product that is paperless and operates on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone), on any platform (Apple, Microsoft, Android), anytime day or night from anywhere in the world. A Builder can literally run his/her entire business right from their Smartphone.

Online real time information
Simple to install, operate & maintain
Disciplined documented processes
Better organized
Better managed
Handle more sales with less staff
Eliminate paper work & paper
Major reduction in errors

iBuild - Document Templates

With iBUILD, build smarter. Know if you’re making money before it’s too late!

  • Job Budgets
  • Job Cash Flow Reporting
  • Job Actuals vs. Budgets with Variances Reporting

iBUILD’s unique design fully integrates the information flow between all departments and aspects of your projects and business cycles.
iBUILD provides automated Critical Path Project Construction Time Lines and methods of scheduling and monitoring the same.
iBUILD drastically reduces your paper work, remember “The job isn’t finished–until the paper work is done”

What Our Happy Users Say

  • “iBUILD’s interconnectedness between ‘The Monies’ & ‘The Management’ has given us a great advantage and we look forward to tomorrow using iBUILD...”

  • “With the enhancement in our organizational abilities we have been able to easily increase our sales capacity anywhere between 25% – 50%”

  • "iBUILD has helped organize our thinking, keeping us focused and has highlighted where and how we need to spend our time more efficiently."

  • "Amalgamating all of the information into one easy to use package has provided Paradyme Homes with an efficient, cost and time effective product."

  • "“We have tried no less than 3 other builder software systems in the last 3 years, iBUILD is the first Canadian made product that truly works for Canadian Builders."

  • "iBUILD Applications cloud-based software is the best thing to come along for construction management since the personal computer. It is obvious this was developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in construction management and accounting. Everything from the initial sale to final warranty items has been thought of."

    R. Tiegan President & Owner of Rocky Mountain Properties & Tiegen Enterprises
  • "iBUILD works well and is highly user friendly. Really appreciate the level of functionality and customization. iBUILD is up there with the best in levels of functionality and excels in cost effectiveness and customer service."

    G. Ambrose Construction Estimator
  • "The iBUILD product is very intuitive, easy to use and much more competitively priced. Avalon has been very lucky to work with the iBUILD team on developing their multifamily solution in all departments. The iBUILD team has been very responsive throughout the iBUILD implementation and development process, even when we were more high maintenance than we would like to admit."

    C. Williams Vice President Operations
  • "With iBUILD it looks like we can finally integrate our accounting, construction, and sales facets of the company in to one place. We had tried previously with a few other programs, but none seem to connect everything quite like we need like iBUILD. It seems to be the solution we’ve been trying to find for quite some time!"

    T. Heuver Purchasing Manager, Avalon Master Builder
  • "iBUILD is very functional and user-friendly. It is great that iBUILD is customizable as we have some very specific needs that when it comes to home customization and payments. Overall I think iBUILD is a solid program that fits a small home builder’s requirements."

    M. Chenier Marketing & Sales Manager, Avalon Master Builder
  • "The team at iBUILD have combined building industry knowledge with technical skill and outstanding customer service to develop a solid application with flexible features to suit any project."      

    - N. Hawkins Construction Manager, Avalon Master Builder

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