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Land Development

When developing a tract/area of land, iBUILD offers a developer the ability to break the land into parcels/phases specifying how many lots to be included in specific predetermined designated zoning areas.

  • Initial Site / Land Investigations Costs
  • Land Acquisition Costs
  • Engineer – Civil – Site Conceptual Design
  • Site Preparation
  • Land Development Costs
  • Project Temporary Site Office Costs
  • Common Property Finals & Landscaping
  • Retaining Walls
  • Roads, Sidewalks, Pathways
  • Irrigation System
  • Final Grades & Top Soil
  • Sod, Trees, Shrubs & Garden Elements
  • Fencing
  • Street Lighting & Parking Plug-Ins Standards
  • Street Furniture & Children’s Playground
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Mail Box Designated Area (If Located Outside)
  • Garbage Bins / Garbage Receptacle Area
  • Permanent Community & Street Identification
  • Signage
  • Financing, Legal & Insurance Fees
  • Marketing & Sales

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iBUILD Product Pricing Options (negotiable)


Product Pricing

  • With flexible terms to fit every budget, iBUILD’s ‘all-inclusive’ software can be the solution for any size Builder
  • To ensure that a Builder only pays for what they need and what they’ll actually use, iBUILD offers: per job cost structure, tiered fixed cost structure based on volume, locked in contract term pricing with all negotiable options

System Customization (additional costs)

  • System Customization is available at additional costs

System Support (included in Product Pricing)

  • Includes service contract, cloud storage, 24/7 access and daily backups at no additional cost.

All system Modules Inclusive

Unlimited # of Users

Unlimited file storage

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Developer Views

Unlimited Trades Views

Unlimited Clients Views

We store your data indefinitely unless explicitly asked to remove it. Our data is backed up many times daily, and stored in geo-redundant data centers.

30 Day Money Back

30 Day – Money Back Guarantee

With no additional surprise fees and capped annual increases, iBUILD is sure to help you control and minimize your costs in more ways than one.

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