Unique Benefits, Features and Functions

iBUILD is a complete fully automated and integrated cloud-based home building application productivity tool that automatically creates, tracks and reports on all business activities from Sales through Design, Estimating, Purchasing, Construction, Warranty and Accounting. iBUILD is simple, practical, functional, maintainable and affordable – its the complete package.


36 Documents that can Protect you from your Clients and the Government


iBUILD effectively manages sales transactions in an orderly and timely fashion. To facilitate the sales processes, iBUILD provides the sales staff with numerous documents that are pre-populated with client information and job information. The pre-population action takes place when the sales person creates the new job. Major time savings as well as major reduction to sales staff paperwork and data entry requirements.

  • All sales documents are readily accessible online and in real-time from any device (pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • A sales person can request a printout of any document right from their smartphone.
  • iBUILD also provides documents that are required by law, as well as
  • Sales supplementary forms, sales acknowledgements and waivers designed to protect you the builder from situations that can arise during your builder / client interactions.

Unique Features

  • Online guest dream home survey
  • (3) Docs required by law (builder required to have clients read and sign)
  • (9) Types of construction sales contracts
  • (10) Types of sales supplementary forms
  • (14) Types of sales acknowledgements & waivers
  • (6) Types of client sales letters
  • Change orders
  • Sales documents checklist for management approval
  • Checklist of (12) meetings client must attend with purpose of each, who will attend and what should be accomplished

Sales contracts, sales supplementary documents, change orders, and sales correspondence letters are accessible 24 – 7 to the client on his/her smartphone via their online real time client view (No need to carry around binders of papers)


Make your Clients feel important and in control during the Design Process


iBUILD creates a builder, client, developer, supplier on-line real-time interactive platform to effectively manage the client’s house design, exterior and interior selections processes in an orderly and timely fashion.

  • During the house design process, iBUILD provides the client the ability to upload any plans, drawings, sketches or pictures right from their smartphone.
  • The clients on-line exterior selections process populates all quote requests and purchase orders related to the exterior selections areas for their job.
  • As part of the client online interior selections process, if a client exceeds any category allowance the iBUILD system automatically creates a change order as well as purchase order for the overage and passes the PO particulars onto your on-line accounting system.

The processes described above result in huge savings in time, paperwork and data entry, all awhile eliminating errors.

Unique Function:

  • Online client/builder initial house plans design report checklist
  • Online client/builder exterior selections report checklist
  • Online developer exterior selections approval request
  • Online client/supplier interior selections appointments scheduling interaction
  • Online client/supplier interior product selections recording, reporting and client product selections summary by category to be compared to builder product category allowances
  • (5) types of client design letters
  • (14) additional documents required for bidding and construction processes. (e.g. blueprints, plot plans, grade slips, truss plans, etc. Etc.)

Specified documents are made available to the client view, trades view and developer view. Documents populated by the client are accessible 24/7 to the client right from his/her smartphone via their client view.


Estimating and Budgeting Can Be a Joy-If You Have a System that does all the Work for You


iBUILD’s Builder, Trade/Supplier online real-time interactive platform manages the Job Estimating Quote Request (QR) Budgeting processes in a timely fashion.

  • When a new job is started, iBUILD creates a QR for each individual work-in-progress (WIP) account for the entire housing project and each QR is pre-populated with narrative that is unique to each individual vendors scope of work (SOW)
  • The iBUILD on-line platform allows you the builder to send QR requests to a number of vendors of the same SOW prior to making a decision on which one to accept. Once a given QR is accepted the system automatically creates and sends a PO to the successful party
  • The on-line platform also allows you the builder to attach a number of additional construction related documents with the QR to aid the vendor in his/her bidding process. The additional documents are pre-selected by you the builder based on the vendor’s SOW. (eg. blueprints, detailed housing specifications, scope of work details, quality control information, plot plans, grade slips, truss plans etc.)
  • iBUILD makes available QR’s and PO’s specific to each trade view

Unique Features

  • Budget working papers module
  • Quote request master list
  • (14) Additional construction related documents

The entire interactive processes between builder and vendors can all be handled and manipulated by all parties right form their smartphones. The savings in time, paperwork and data entry in this module combined with similar savings in all iBUILD’s modules is the major reason a builder can handle more projects with less staff.


Make Purchasing the Driving Force of Your Entire System


  • To manage the purchasing Purchase Order (PO) processes in a timely fashion, the iBUILD system automatically creates a PO at the instant a QR is accepted
  • To facilitate a number of iBUILD’s reporting processes, the vendors names on accepted PO’s populate;
    • the budget detail report and quote request master list
    • the Purchase Order detail report and PO master list
    • the client/supplier interactive interior selections appointments schedule
    • the construction schedule
    • the warranty trade/supplier work orders module
  • In addition, the iBUILD system sends the PO information, which includes a pre-coded job number and Work In Progress (WIP) account number, across to your on-line accounting system to facilitate vendor invoicing payment processing and transaction recording.

Unique Functions

  • Purchasing details
  • Purchase order master list

Accountants will love iBUILD as they will never again have to compile PO lists to reconcile to invoices or ask for help to code their stacks of invoices. These processes result in huge savings in time, paperwork and data entry, all while eliminating errors.

Construction Features

Informed Supervisors Become Your Greatest Company Ambassadors

iBUILD ‘s builder, trade/supplier on-line real-time interactive construction scheduling platform is based on data collected over 40 years of building experience and is totally unique to iBUILD.

  • iBUILD ‘s unique scheduling system allows a site supervisor or manager to enter a start date & approximate number of months he/she feels the build could take, in seconds the system provides the site supervisor with a customized but modifiable construction schedule for the entire project in a sequential itemized detailed critical path format, broken down into 7 manageable phases and at the same time informs he/she the exact number of months the build should take along with a projected possession date.
  • Before locking the schedule, the supervisor has the opportunity to tweak the schedule by changing the number of days for a select number of major players in the schedule (e.g. framing, plumbing, heating, electrical etc.) and upon doing so the system will re-calculate the entire schedule and provides a revised number of months and revised possession date. This process can be repeated until the supervisor is content with the resulting schedule.
  • Once the supervisor is happy with the schedule he/she can then start the on-line interactive scheduling process that involves trades and suppliers changing and/or confirming their suggested start dates, this interactive process is totally unique to iBUILD.

Unique Features

  • Fully automated but updatable & modifiable construction scheduling system
  • Online initial lot inspection form
  • Online final lot inspection form
  • (9) types of construction letters
  • (59) detailed quality control checklists
  • (59) On-line Referenceable Detailed Trades & Suppliers Scopes of Work
  • Construction phases schedule monitoring
  • Online to-do lists, visible to management
  • Site supervisors have full access online to all supporting construction related documents, some (17) in total from blueprints, joist layouts, truss layouts, window & door schedules, change orders, exterior & interior selections, etc. (all of the above assessable from their smartphone)
  • Site supervisors have 100% mobility

Builder Models

Models Are A Beautiful Thing – When Seen In Action


  • iBUILD’s modelling system provides builders the capability to create a full working model of a design they feel could be very popular. Once the model is created they then have the ability to quickly create jobs from the model, without having to re-invent the wheel.
  • A working model meaning, the model is set-up with a thorough and complete budget with all supporting construction documentation. This information is then readily available to populate each new job that is created from the model.
  • Models are huge, huge time savers.

iBUILD unique flexible system design goes further in the sense that it provides builders, of any size big or small, the ability to create a new job from a model or even from an existing job.

Price Book

Price Book Options are Invaluable – When Interacting with Clients Changes

Unique Features
iBUILD Provides the Builder with Price Book Options and Assemblies in the Following Major Areas That Can, With A Simple Click, Instantly Populate Change Orders & PO’s For FASTER Document Handling and Processing.

Functional Price Book Areas:

  • Structure and Design
  • Driveways, Sidewalks and Retaining Walls
  • Decks
  • Garages
  • Exterior Windows & Doors
  • Plumbing & Gas
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical
  • Fireplaces
  • Security, Home Automation, Entertainment and Central Vac
  • Exterior Finishing
  • Insulation and Drywall
  • Painting
  • Cabinets and Vanities
  • Interior Finishing
  • Shower Doors, Shelving and Glass
  • Railing, Spindles, Stub-walls, Stairs
  • Flooring
  • Appliances


A Warranty System that is Better Than its Guarantee

In some jurisdictions builders are required by law to have purchased a new home warranty policy with a registered new home warranty company/provider for each new home that they build. These policies can range from 5 to 10 years. In addition to purchasing a new home warranty policy, builders are are also required to provide a 1-year warranty service program to each client which starts from the day the customer takes possession of their new home. To effectively manage a builders 1-year warranty service program processes in an orderly and timely fashion, iBUILD created a builder / client on-line real-time interactive platform.

  • iBUILD’s platform allows a client to login and generate a general warranty service request at anytime, if it’s an emergency situation that could deteriorate out of control or wait until the builders regular designated times at 6-month and 12-month intervals for non-emergency issues
  • the iBUILD platform then allows you the builder to categorize the clients warranty items by trade then easily transfer the categorized items to trade assigned work orders

Unique Features
iBUILD’s on-line real-time interactive warranty service request platform

  • client warranty service requests
  • vendor warranty work orders
  • (27) different warranty response letters depending on the situation

The client online interactive platform provides major savings in time, paperwork and data entry, all while eliminating errors in translation.

System Documentation

211 Builders’ Documents that are worth their Weight in Gold

System Documentation when displayed, your Company Logo, Info and/or your Letter Head will automatically appear in the Header area at the top of All Documents. All Documents are instantly personalized to your Company Image.

  • Sales Documents Required by Law (3)
  • Sales Contracts (9) Types Available
  • Sales Supplementary Forms (10)
  • Sales Acknowledgements & Waivers (14)
  • Sales Letters (6)
  • Design Letters (5)
  • Construction Letters (9)
  • Warranty Letters (27)
  • Job Surveys (2)
  • Detailed Housing Specifications (Provided with One Example but A Builder Can Create as Many as They Need)
  • Detailed Trades & Suppliers Scopes of Work (59)
  • Detailed Trades & Suppliers Quality Control Checklists (59)
  • Vendor (Trade & Supplier Partners) Contract Agreement (1)
  • System Administrative Manuals (6)
    • Client Home Maintenance & Limited Warranties Guide
    • Client Purchase, Design, Selections, Construction & Warranty Processing Guide
    • Departmental Job Descriptions & Procedures Manual
    • Employee Employment Policies Manual
    • Ready-To-Move (RTM) Plant Management Requirements Manual
    • Safety Manual

System Views

Portals are Passé – Views are Much More Panoramic

Client View

  • Shows Construction progression photos
  • DownLoad all Sales Contracts
  • Selection Appointment date options for Product Selection
  • See real-time house cost summary
  • Product Selection Tools
  • Initial House Plan Tools
  • Download Blueprint, Grade Slip, and Plot plan

Trade View

  • Quote Request bid
  • Download Blueprints, House specifications and Related Scope of Work
  • Product Select Tool
  • Interior Product Selection Appointment Tool
  • Initial House Plan Tool
  • Construction Schedule update Tool

Developer View

  • Exterior Selection Approval Tool
  • Initial Lot Inspection Form/Photo
  • Final Lot Inspection Form/Photo
  • Download Blueprint, Grade Slip, and Plot Plan

Financial Reporting

If You Can’t Trust Your Financials – Who Can You Trust


  • When negotiating with a potential client, iBUILD’s on-line job cost summary report allows, you the builder, to quickly enter a margin % in a job mark-up box which automatically calculates the sales dollar value and gross margin dollar value calculated on your job cost projections. This action can be repeated as many times until you’re satisfied with the projected gross margin profit dollars. This process can even be handled discreetly on your smartphone while having a mid-day luncheon meeting with a potential client before a decision is made to enter into a construction agreement.
  • iBUILD’s Job Actuals vs. Budget with Variances Report pulls the Job Budgeted Cost Dollars from the iBUILD System, at the same time pulls the Actual Job Dollars from your online integrated Accounting System. Performing this task daily on all your Active Jobs ensures you will be made aware immediately of any issues going off the rails so that corrective actions can be taken in order to maintain your projected gross margins. This report informs you daily if your making money or not. A must report for business planning.


  • Job Budgets / Cost Summary
  • Job Cash Flow Requirements Reporting
  • Job Actuals vs. Budget with Variances Reporting
  • iBUILD’s Job Cash Flow Requirements Report is fed by both the budget and the job construction scheduling processes to provide your banker and/or investment group with projected dollars and dates for builders draws. Banks LOVE this report.

Accounting Integration

Go Ahead – Make Your Accountants Day


  • At time of set-up between iBUILD and QuickBooks Online
    • With just one click on the QuickBooks Online icon in iBUILD, iBUILD quickly performs all the necessary hand shaking processes, so to speak, between iBUILD and your specified version of QuickBooks Online in order to facilitate the daily transactions processing between the two applications.
  • Daily interactions between iBUILD and QuickBooks Online
    • Each time a new job is created in iBUILD, iBUILD immediately interfaces with QuickBooks Online to set-up a WIP sub-account for the new job, ready to receive transactions. Accounting never again has to manually get involved in this process.
    • Each time a PO is created in iBUILD, iBUILD once again, immediately interfaces with QuickBooks Online and creates a PO transaction in QuickBooks Online. The PO info when sent over, includes a pre-coded job number and work in progress (WIP) account number to facilitate the vendor invoice/PO match up payment processing and WIP account entry recording.


  • Each time a trade/supplier is added to the iBUILD vendor master file, iBUILD will immediately add the same info to your QuickBooks Online suppliers file.
  • Each time a job actual vs. Budget with variances report is requested in iBUILD, iBUILD quickly pulls the job budget cost dollars from the iBUILD budget system and pulls the actual job dollars from Quickbooks. In terms of the daily volume of transactions and reports processing we cannot over emphasize the importance of the amount of savings in time, paperwork and data entry, all while eliminating errors.

Builder SAFETY Program

At the end of the day everyone wants to return Home to their Family


  • iBUILD’s safety program is fully integrated into the entire system to ensure all parties employees, clients, trades and suppliers;
    • First, acknowledge your safety program by reading and signing specific documents designed for each party
    • Second, clients, trades & suppliers are reminded of your safety program each time they log into your builders system
  • With iBUILD’s safety program, if properly implemented and followed, a builder will be able to prove due diligence thus should never have to face any heafty fines or even prison terms


  • Employees – with each new hire you should schedule a half day safety orientation appointment to discuss your “safety program manual” which is included in the iBUILD system documentation template area. (the safety manual template can be modified to you suite your OH&S governing requirements) after discussing the material in the manual, have the employee date and sign the acknowledgement form provided at the back of the manual.
  • Clients – at the time of the signing of a contract agreement you should also print off the “company safety program acknowledgement” document for the client to read, date and sign.
  • Trades & suppliers – each time a new trade or supplier requests to bid/quote on any of your projects, the system will send out a “supplier-trade partner contract”. This document includes a section on your company safety policies and procedures, have them read, date and sign this section before accepting the contract.

There’s a Better Way to Build.